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Rourk Selected by Readers as One of the Best



R. Michael Rourk, MD was recently selected as the Best Physician of Rockingham County by readers of the Reidsville Review, Madison Messenger and The Eden News.

Readers of these publications were given the opportunity to complete paper ballots to select their favorite providers in a variety of categories, such as healthcare, real estate, banking and many more. Ballots were mailed into the corporate office and the readers’ choices were published in the local newspapers.

“I enjoy practicing here in Rockingham and I am honored to be recognized for providing personalized care to this community,” Rourk shares.

Rourk is a gastroenterologist with Rockingham Gastroenterology Associates​, a member of Cone Health Medical Group. He also received the Readers’ Choice Best of Rockingham recognition in 2012 and 2013.​


Hemorrhoid Banding: The CRH O’Regan Hemorrhoid Removal System

Most hemorrhoid treatments can be a real pain in the you-know-what.
Between the messy creams and uncomfortable suppositories, there really aren’t many good
home-remedy options for the treatment of hemorrhoid symptoms. And who has time to take
another warm bath?

The truth is that most home hemorrhoid treatments don’t really work and when they do offer
relief, it’s only temporary. They do nothing to remedy the root issue causing the pain, itching,
burning, and discomfort.

If you’re serious about getting rid of hemorrhoids once and for all, it’s time to put down the
creams and consider hemorrhoid removal using the CRH O’Regan Hemorrhoid Removal

The CRH O’Regan Hemorrhoid Removal system offers patients a permanent solution to the
problems associated with hemorrhoids and anal fissures through a process called hemorrhoid

Much less invasive than hemorrhoidectomy surgery, hemorrhoid ligation, also called hemorrhoid
banding, is a simple process that can be performed in a doctor’s office in just minutes with little
discomfort and most patients returning to work the same day.

Effective for the treatment of both internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid
banding offers patients a permanent and painless solution to the discomfort and recovery time
associated with other hemorrhoid removal options.

To learn more about how hemorrhoid banding and the CRH O’Regan Hemorrhoid Removal
System can take care of your hemorrhoids once and for all, please contact us at 336-342-6196.

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